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Now Booking for 2021 Dates!

Please note, we are in the process of moving into a new booking system, and our live booking calendar is currently unavailable. To check and see if a date has a hold, please email

Hold Policies

Courtesy Hold Policy

The UBC Boathouse will place a courtesy hold on any one date of your choosing provided that it is not already booked or on hold. There is no fee or obligation to book if you place a courtesy hold on a date. All courtesy holds are valid for 2 months (for example, if a hold is placed January 1, it is valid until March 1) or until challenged.

Please note that the UBC Boathouse is not responsible for notifying clients that have dates on hold that their hold is about to expire. Clients placing a courtesy hold are responsible for contacting the UBC Boathouse prior to the expiration of the hold if they wish to book the date.

Challenging a Hold

If a hold is challenged, it means that there is another client that is prepared to pay their non-refundable deposit on the date and complete a contract with the UBC Boathouse. The client that has the courtesy hold in place will be called and given 24 hours notice to complete and submit the online booking form and to contact the UBC Boathouse to pay the non-refundable deposit.

Failure to contact the office and submit the booking form for any reason will result in the loss of the hold. Clients placing courtesy holds must make sure that they will be able to check messages and receive calls on the number they have provided for the hold, or otherwise, make arrangements with the UBC Boathouse Manager for extenuating circumstances prior to the hold being challenged.