What is the capacity of the Event Hall space?

The Event Hall can comfortably hold 150 people for a sit down function and up to 190 for a cocktail style function. Please note that 190 is our fire capacity and thus is the maximum number of people allowed in the space including all guests, service staff etc.

Where can guests go if they want to smoke?

The UBC Boathouse is a smoke free facility and is situated in Richmond’s Fraser River dike way trail. This includes all inside and outside spaces including patios, dock and dike way. Smoking is permitted only on street level (the gravel shoulder along River Road), 25 metres from the playground and 9 metres from any other businesses.

Do we have access to both of the outdoor patios?

The second patio space (past the washrooms and offices) will be off limits to your guests.

Can we go on the lower docks?

Access to the docks is at your own risk. There are strong currents in the river and caution is required. With caution you may be down on the water dock space for photos or ceremony but it is strongly advised that if and when alcohol is being served that the dock space is closed off. No glassware permitted down on the docks. This is an athlete area.

Can we have a wedding ceremony or a function down on the docks?

The lower dock space is available for ceremonies and functions, however please keep in mind that we can experience high winds on the water and that the weather is never guaranteed. It is recommended that a plan B be in place.

Please note that the dock area is a public rowing and paddling space. Prior to sending out invitations or finalizing your event timeline, please call the Facility Manager to book your specific dock time. Please be aware that dock time availability is not guaranteed and must be worked around the public programming.

Can we have food and drinks on the docks?

Yes. All drinks must be served in plastic cups, no glass products are permitted on the docks.The dock space must be cleaned entirely of all food and garbage by the end of your event.

Where can we park?

Parking is available on both sides of River Road on the shoulder. We also share the Navy league parking to the right of the Boathouse. You may park there if it is empty. Do not park in the adjacent business parking lots as you will be towed!” No vehicles are to be parked on the dikeway in front of the UBC Boathouse at any time.

Is UBC Boathouse wheelchair accessible?

The UBC Boathouse is wheelchair accessible. A guest using a wheelchair that is driving themselves may drive up to the dikeway and park on the event plaza level closest to the playground. Please note that parking is very limited on the dikeway and needs to be pre-arranged. When a guest using a wheelchair is being dropped off, the dikeway may also be used as a drop off location outside our main ramp gates. The driver of the vehicle must then park on the roadside and will of course be permitted to drive up on the dikeway following the event to pick guests up.

The dock space is also wheelchair accessible. The second ramp leads straight to the docks, however, if the incline is too steep due to the tides, the main ramp can be used to access the lift within the facility. The lift is operated by our event staff member on site.

In order to be best prepared, it is always helpful to let us know in advance if wheelchair or any other type of access will be needed for your event. This will help us to ensure that we inform any other vendors arriving for your event to keep clear of the parking area on the dikeway as well as to ensure that our staff are ready and waiting to operate the lift as needed.

How do we transport DJ or musical equipment into the building?

If musical instruments or DJ equipment needs to be brought into the Boathouse, the same policy (as wheelchair accessibility) will apply.

How do we connect to the projector for our slideshow?

In order to connect to our projector, you will need to bring a computer with the ability to connect to our VGA cable (for MAC computers, you may need to bring an adapter). The resolution of our projector is 1024 x 768 and the screen is 7′ wide by 8′ tall. Audio connects through a regular headphone-style jack.

How do we connect to the TV for our slideshow?

In order to connect to our smart HDTV, you will need to bring a computer with the ability to connect to our HDMI cable.

Do we have exclusive use of the entire facility during our rental booking?

Your event will have exclusive access to the event hall and patio, but the common areas of the water dock space and washrooms might be shared by the rowers.

Do we have to pay a SOCAN Fee if we are playing music during our rental booking?

Yes, by law we are required to charge the SOCAN music tax. If you are playing music of any kind, the charge is $44 + GST. If you are playing music of any kind and dancing, the charge is $90 + GST.

What are all the fees associated with making a booking at the UBC Boathouse?

The UBC Boathouse event philosophy is based on the belief that planning events with us should be a seamless and enjoyable process. To ensure this, one of our values is transparency which means that we are committed to providing all the fees associated with events up front so that no one is surprised at any point in the process. Click here to see the fee breakdown for rentals with us.

Can we decorate the event hall?

Yes, you are welcome to decorate the event hall. Please note however that you are not permitted to make holes or attach anything to the walls or wood. There is no tape or sticky substance of any kind permitted on any of the surfaces, including the floors. While this may seem limiting, you will see by the photo gallery that there are many ways to decorate the space while adhering to these conditions.

Can we add on additional rental items or extra facility products the night of our function?

It is recommended that all additional rental items be mentioned and paid for in full before your rental in order to ensure that they are available for your event. The UBC Boathouse does not guarantee the availability of rental items that have not been pre-paid, however, if the items you require are available, we will happily supply them for your event and deduct the rental fee from your damage deposit.

Are we ever able to come early to drop off products or set up for our event?

If any additional time is required before your event to set up, you must pre-arrange this with the Facility Manager in advance. You will be billed per hour for additional time. Please refer to the pricing page to determine your additional hour rate. In the vast majority of cases, set up the day before or take down the day after is never permitted due to regular usage of the facility.

Does the lounge furniture have to stay in the event hall?

The lounge furniture can be placed on the patio adjacent to the event hall or it can be removed for you entirely.

Can we put chairs, tables and or the lounge furniture out on the patio?

If there is a guarantee of no rain then this should not be a problem.

Can we cover the patio space or rent heat lamps for out there?

We have two white canopy tents that are for rent. $80.00 per tent. Yes, you can rent heat lamps for the patio through your rentals company.

Is the special event insurance different from the insurance that our caterer holds?

Yes. It is completely different. The insurance that your caterer holds is relative to their company. The special event insurance that is recommended to purchase, protects you and your guests.

Can we ever leave product here to be picked up the next day?

Unfortunately not. All of your product and items that you bring into the UBC Boathouse for your event MUST be cleared out the night of your rental. This allows the janitorial team to clean during the night and have the building ready for rent for the next day.

Can we have candles in the event hall?

Yes! Please use dripless candles.

How do we set the room up?

The room is yours to set up however you desire! Please take a look on our website for a few different room set up options.

Are we allowed animals in the building?

You may have a domesticated pet in the building as long as it is potty trained and you take full responsibility for any damages incurred by the animal. Please note that farm animals are not permitted.

Are there washrooms onsite at the UBC Boathouse?

Yes. There is a women’s (five stall) washroom and a men’s (double stall and double urinal) washroom.

What are the dimensions of the Event Hall?

44′ by 66′.

When can we book our Viewing Appointment?

Please book your Viewing Appointment 30-90 days in advance to your event, having your final guest number is key for this process. This appointment with the Facility Manager or Rentals Assistant will include finalizing your floor plan, time line, and vendors list. Please invite your caterer and any other key vendors or family members. Please ensure your main event contact has received a copy of the Day-Of Reminders form.

When can we book our rehearsal time?

You are welcome to pencil in a Rehearsal for your wedding ceremony with the UBC Boathouse at any time; however, the Rehearsal is not confirmed until two weeks prior. Please contact us to confirm your Rehearsal time two weeks in advance. Rehearsals are not guaranteed, as they are booked based on UBC Boathouse availability. Rehearsals are complementary if during UBC Boathouse business hours and can be booked for a maximum of 1 hour; otherwise, they may be booked at $150/hour.

Can we drive up onto the dykeway for product unloading and reloading?

Your vendors may drive up the dikeway for active loading or unloading of their products. They MUST be pulled onto the interlocking brick apron and can never stop their vehicle on the drive path as this area must remain free for dikeway users. They MUST then move their vehicles to the street parking after loading their items inside.